isatrackermainicon  IsaTracker nutritional tracker allows you to manage your daily nutritional cleansing and balancing program.

  • Record daily water consumption
  • Keep Track of weight and body composition measurements
  • Manage daily food choices, tracking calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates.
  • Includes a snack and meal planner that uses a database of foods to keep you on track with your goals.
  • Also includes a daily calendar with customizable schedule to track nutrition plans such as the 30 day and 9 day cleanse.
  • ** Click here to view the IsaTracker FAQ.

Enter weight and body measurements to track your progress.  Track your daily water consumption.

simulator-screen-shot-oct-22-2016-5-12-56-pm                          simulator-screen-shot-oct-22-2016-5-13-31-pm

Enter your measurements and track your calorie intake by swiping to the left.

simulator-screen-shot-oct-22-2016-5-13-17-pm           simulator-screen-shot-oct-31-2016-8-43-55-pm

Use the snack and meal builder to create your own recipes while targeting a calorie count

simulator-screen-shot-oct-22-2016-5-30-41-pm     simulator-screen-shot-oct-22-2016-5-29-38-pm           simulator-screen-shot-oct-22-2016-5-26-44-pm

Use the built in calendar to track your cleansing calendar.  Customize the calendar to fit your schedule.

simulator-screen-shot-oct-22-2016-5-13-56-pm    simulator-screen-shot-oct-22-2016-5-25-37-pm    simulator-screen-shot-oct-22-2016-5-25-43-pm