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Track your essential oil inventory and store your favorite recipes all in one place, your phone.   Assign attributes to your oils, blends and recipes.  Search on a specific attribute and see everything that has been assigned to it.  You can even make up your own attributes.

You can add your own single oils, blends, supplements, accessories or even miscellaneous items such as Borax and Castille Soap for creating any recipe.

** New Version released.   Create a shopping list for your next order.  Email recipes to other Oil Pantry users.  Backup your pantry to DropBox.

*** Current iOS users, please see the FAQ for information about upgrading your database.

Choose from a list of predetermined products or add your own.   Choose from several product types to help separate oils from blends from supplements, etc.   Add products like castille soap or water for use in recipes.


Add attributes for your products so you can easily see search by characteristic and see all the products that correspond.  You can even add your own attributes and charateristics.

Buy an oil and forgot why you bought it?   (Me? never) Use the Where Used function on the app to find all the recipes where this product is used.


For educational use only.   Not intended to treat or cure any medical conditions.